Employee Share Schemes

Company Share Option Plan

The H M Revenue & Customs approved Company Share Option Plan ("the CSOP") was originally conceived to provide a beneficial fiscal platform for the motivation of company executives. A company can grant tax advantaged options to its employee subject to a maximum value of £30,000.


  • Participant company must be independent or under the control of a listed company that is not a close company for taxation purposes.
  • Shares used under the CSOP must satisfy certain statutory conditions.
  • Option price should not be less than the market value of the share at the date of grant.
  • Employees granted options must not have a material interest of more than a 25% shareholding in the company.
  • Directors granted options must work for a minimum of 25 hours a week

Tax Treatment

  • Generally, no liability to income tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs) arises on the grant of the option.
  • No income tax and NICs are charged on the exercise of the option if the statutory and contractual conditions are fulfilled.
  • Subject to the annual allowance, capital gains tax may be chargeable on the gain.
  • The company can obtain a corporation tax deduction for the cost of establishing and administering the CSOP.


  • Aligns employees interest with that of shareholders and therefore stimulates performance.
  • Can be used as an effective staff recruitment and retention tool.

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